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„Bluesy“ [blůzy = blouses] refers to Blue Nostalgia by its name at the same time concealing the characteristic of the entire collection – dominant pieces such as shirts and shirtdresses, as well as colours in blue tones (blue) supplemented by delicate pink and gentle pale orange. Emerges new implementation of classic shirt motif – chequered pattern. Pastel harmony is in contrast with straight and plain cuts, through which the designer achieves balance between men’s minimalism and women’s elegance.

Yet again men shirts are key inspiration of her new collection – „It’s my obsession and passion, I take shirts as necessary part of every wardrobe,“ says Josefina Bakosova. Although inspired by men’s features, its buttoning respects women’s (buttons on the left side) and plays with classic cut. As a result of that there are asymmetrical shirts, airy, or lengthened into shirtdresses. Winter coats and evening dresses supplement the whole collection.

Geometric lines are supplemented by female details so that every woman feels the most confortable wearing them, which is supported by using natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool and viscose. „Naturalness is my goal. I would like to make every customer to feel absolutely unique, yet at ease and natural the same time,“ adds Josefina.

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behind the brand

Josefina Bakošová is a fashion designer and a creative directress of Harddecore Gallery in Prague, Czech republic.  She has been engaged in fashion production since 2007 when she started designing her exclusive authorial collections under her label Chi-Chi. In 2014 with the arrival of her new collection of womens clothing Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Josefina left her Chi-Chi brand and started presenting her work simply under her own name "Josefina Bakošová".

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